Inmood 10k Raspberry Grape 40mg Nic Salt Pod

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Replacement pods for the Inmood 10K!


  • Container Size: 20ml
  • Puffs: 10,000
  • PG:VG Ratio: 55:45
  • Nicotine: 40mg/ml
  • Coil: 1ohm Meshed

All flavors are refreshingly Fruity and Icy!

Sour Apple – Relish the taste of a delicious bite of ripe & sour green apples with every inhale! Sharp sour notes followed with refreshing icy exhale makes this an absolute winner!

Grape Berry – A tantalizing combination of ripe and juicy grapes with hand-picked wild cranberries! This flavour is all about being sour, topping up with icy finishes.

Blueberry – Right in the middle of deep & wild forests, we picked up delicious blueberries and mixed it with ice to deliver out an irresistible flavour that makes you want more & more!

Strawberry Watermelon – This flavour is all about a harmonious melody in your mouth! Fresh slices of juicy strawberry put together with watermelon. Oh wait, we made it more captivating by adding ice!

Pineapple – Time to go tropical! Thick cut slices of tropical pineapple blended with ice gives you a tangy inhale at first but a refreshing icy exhale following up.

Kiwifruit Pineapple – The flavour screams exotica! Taking ripe kiwis and pineapple and putting it together with ice, this flavour is nothing short of enjoying your favourite cocktail on a summer day in the Caribbean!

Mango Peach – What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted? Well, your answer will be this flavour once tried! Lucious, juicy mangoes mashed together with Georgian peaches forms a slurry which is then loaded with ice to deliver out a perfect, flavour that not only tastes but also smells nice!

Peach Apple – Juicy Peaches from Georgia & ripe Granny Smith Apples mixed together on top of an ice bed that results in a flavour which is wild, icy with tiny tinge of sourness.

Cherry Pomegranate – A blend like never before! Combination of sweetness & tartness of wild cherries and ripe pomegranates from the Arabian Peninsula loaded with ice makes this a flavour a winner!

Raspberry Grape – This flavour is a legend! Best-seller across all. Wild Raspberries and tangy ripe purple grapes mixed with ice makes this flavour so delicious that you really need to try to know how good it is!


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