Bud 2 Pods Lemon Lime 2.8% Nicotine

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Experience the perfect harmony of zesty citrus flavours with Bud Lemon Lime. As you inhale, the vibrant tang of fresh lemons takes the stage with their sour brilliance. On exhale, limes' sharp and fresh essence joins the symphony, creating a delicious blend that’ll leave your taste buds singing. Embrace the citrusy delight and let Lemon Lime transport you to a sunny oasis of sour-sweet bliss.

 You may be familiar with Bud disposables, but it’s time to get buddy-buddy with Bud Pods!

 Now, you can taste Bud in a reusable device! With a massive 8000 puffs per pod pack and 4000 puffs per pod, we know you’ll love the long-lasting Bud Pods, perfect for extended vaping sessions!

Each pod is prefilled with 7ml of nicotine salt e-liquid and features an integrated mesh coil that enhances flavour consistency and ensures efficient e-liquid saturation while producing impressive vapour. 

Once you’ve finished your pod, replace it with a new one! Choose from over 10 vape flavours, including Tobacco, Mint, Grape Mint, Sour Apple and more.

Bud e-liquid is specially formulated for Bud Pods. The e-liquid contains Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Nicotine Salts, and selected food-grade flavourings and involves rigorous quality control procedures.


  • 8000 puffs per pod pack
  • 4000 puffs per pod
  • Integrated mesh coil
  • Recyclable

Pickup currently unavailable at 80 Prince Albert Road