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We are your leading disposable vape specialist, committed to providing our New Zealand and Australian customers the best vaping experience through great range and service.

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The Vaper's Nest

People have always enjoyed inhaling some kind of flavoured smoke. 

The Ancient Egyptians were known to heat herbs and oils over hot stones to create a vapour they could inhale. Then in the 5th Century AD, shishas appeared in Northern Africa, which were long water pipes used to inhale tobacco. Later, people in India created their own version of the shisha, and called it a hookah. In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik developed the first real vape-like device. We now live in a tech society, with access to a variety of tastes and forms of nicotine and smoking/vaping devices.

Out of this, the Vaper's Nest began in 2019.

When you walk into either of the two bright, colourful stores, you know you’ve reached a Vaper’s Nest. With vapes everywhere you look and flavours that haven’t even been created yet, your dream vape is waiting for you.

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